Buying Cheap Weather Stations

We all know that there are varieties of weather stations available at the market with different design and styles. Each weather station has a different price-tag, ranging from as low as 10$ to as high as 10,000$. If you have low budget estimation for weather station, we have got a few top rated weather stations with very less price-rate, which you may consider buying.
best weather station for home

AcuRite 00613A1

AcuRite 00613A1 is the cheapest weather station available at the market. It comes with a black and white display console with inbuilt temperature and humidity sensors. It’s an ideal unit for those who want to keep phase with the current climatic conditions of their location.

La Crosse Technology 308-1412S

La Crosse 308-1412S comes with a colored screen console with built-in sensors. It displays weather data and forecast based on the barometric pressure and also gives you high and low temperature alerts. With this device you can enjoy colored and animated real-time weather report right from your backyard, in a very cheap rate!

AcuRite 75077

AcuRite 75077 is a simple weather station that comes with a console and a wireless remote outdoor sensor. It has a self calibrating technology that offers accurate data and forecast. The wireless sensor can be hung anywhere outdoors, and it transmits data right from your backyard. Its black and white LCD screen is large and easy to understand.

AcuRite 02007

Get high precision and accurate weather data and forecast of your exact location with AcuRite 02007 that comes with a bold, easy to read and colored LCD console, and a outdoor remote sensor that provides personal forecast of 4 hour, 4 to 8 hour or 8 to 12 hour weather conditions. Its outdoor sensor features a very powerful wireless technology with water resistant construction and an integrated hanger for quick and easy mounting.

Oregon Scientific WMR86

This wireless weather station offers robust weather report and forecast at the most reasonable price. Overall, it provides data for Atomic time, indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure with bar graph, and iconic weather forecast. It includes a console with orange back color display, and a wireless integrated wind sensor system with separate sensors for humidity, temperature and rainfall for easy setup.

AcuRite 00589

Enjoy your weather data in a colorful display with AcuRite 00589, which comes with a console and a 3-in-1 integrated sensor system that accurately measures humidity, temperature and wind speed. This weather station also offers history of high and low records. In a very affordable price it provides maximum data accuracy.

AcuRite 02032CRM

Connect your weather station to your personal computer and share your weather data now with AcuRite 02032CRM. This weather station includes a console with illuminated screen and adjustable dimmer, and a 5-in-1 integrated sensor system that offers high-precision weather report and forecast.


These are some of the best weather station for home that are available at the lowest rates. The cost may be less but their functions and build quality is top rated. They include almost all the features required by a weather enthusiast.