Best Weather for Caribbean Cruise

Caribbean Cruise is one of the most popular ways of leisure voyage these days. Caribbean is all about oceans, reefs and islands. People love traveling through the ocean and have fun in the famous touring islands. For this all you need is a proper Cruise that you can either book privately or travel along with other voyagers. The most important thing that one must consider before deciding a particular Caribbean Cruise is the weather conditions. Weather can bring a great impact on the tour as you are going to travel through the tides. For determining the best weather for your adventure, there are again certain factors that you need to consider.

According to Budget

No weather at the Caribbean is bad for a tour, but people choose it according to their budget. The weather is good all 12 months at some parts, so you can decide according to your affordability.

High Budget

High season for Caribbean Cruise is the Christmas or winter season to early April, in case you desire to escape from the extremely cold weather conditions of your place. The weather in the Caribbean seems soothing and nice during winter. If you don’t mind paying extra dollars and you are comfortable with crowd, then the high season is the best for you to Caribbean Cruise.

Average Budget

During spring and fall the weather is milder in the north. The weather in the Caribbean is quite warm with a little rainfall, and the islands are less busy than in winter months. One of the greatest advantages of traveling during this season is that you can usually get a discount on accommodations as there is less demand for hotel rooms due to fewer travelers.

Low Budget

The weather is hot throughout the north during summer, and the demand for a Caribbean cruise decreases drastically in June, July and August. June is one of the rainiest months in the Caribbean, but July and August are generally sunny and the weather is nice. For those with very low budget, you can get hotel rooms and bookings in extremely low rates and additionally you can enjoy a perfectly peaceful vacation with very less crowd.

For best, it is recommended not to go for a Caribbean cruise during hurricane season, which normally gets at the peak during September and October. Though all places are not affected by hurricanes equally, but it is best to avoid these two months.

According to Location

There are three parts in Caribbean; western, southern and eastern. It is not really possible to take a cruise to all parts at one time. You can decide your location and know the perfect weather to tour the specific part.

Western Caribbean

The Western Caribbean is an ideal spot for a vacation in any time of the year, with temperatures that varies throughout the year. Usually the best time to visit the western Caribbean is during December to march. April and May are ideal for those who want to save some bucks and avoid crowd. From June to November is the hurricane season and there is always a chance of storm to hit. But many families and tourists take the risk during this season too, as the hotels are available at lowest rates.

Eastern Caribbean

As usual winter is the best to visit the eastern Caribbean. It is not less good even during summer; the only difference between the winter and summer for eastern Caribbean Cruise is that summer is slightly warmer. If you wish to have some bargains, it is best during mid-summer fall when the schools reopen, so the family tourists get fewer by this time. Better to avoid the hurricane season, especially August, September and October, for eastern Caribbean Cruise as the storms can turn your tour into a disaster.

Southern Caribbean

Winter and summer are the best time for the Southern Caribbean Cruise as there is almost no difference in the weather. Hurricane season should be avoided, which is from early June to November end. Some of the Southern Caribbean islands, including Bonaire, Aruba, Curacao, Grenada and Barbados, lie below the hurricane belt, and there is very less possibility for storms to hit those places, so you can still go for the southern Caribbean Cruise during June, July, August and November.


In the intension of saving just few bucks, it won’t be fair to spoil the vacation, so select your voyage wisely so that you won’t have to regret the money you invested on your tour. Though life itself is a risk, but don’t risk it intentionally.